Medlocks {Friendswood Family Photographer}

It’s always fun to capture cute kiddos, which is pretty much every session I do! But sometimes, they’re extra special. And it’s always a treat when I get to work with a true-life miracle. This sweet boy was born in to this world very early, he was a micro-preemie at just 23 weeks. And look at him! Walks, talks, and full of smiles. There was no shortage of giggles and love in this family <3!!

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The Taylors {Friendswood, Tx Family Photographer}

This is the Taylor family. Aren’t they an awesome looking bunch! Know what isn’t awesome? Harvey dumping water into their house. I met Erin after my call out for families affected by Harvey and I was excited when she said they were tired of parks and fields for their family pictures. I suggest Galveston alleys and she jumped on it! Harvey definitely didn’t wash away their sense of adventure! The little guy was a challenge, but we got past his displeasure for me and the session! Thanks for trusting me with your family pictures, I hope you love them! <3

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Action Jackson {Canadian, Tx Senior Photographer}

Jackman. Son of Anarchy. J-Train. All names this kiddo goes by. But the one most special to me is brother…. He’s my youngest (definitely not littlest as he towers almost an entire foot over me!) He came along my senior year – talk about cramping my style. I graduated when he was just 6 months old and we’ve never lived together. But I adore this guy – he’s become a pretty cool young man and I know there are great things for him in this world. My mom sweet talked me into a few unofficial senior pics during my last trip home… We both smiled and said “yes ma’am”

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Happy Halloween {Friendswood Photographer}

I wont even pretend that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, because in fact, it’s probably my least favorite. But it is cute to see my kiddos dressed up and the toddler saying “trip or eat” to get candy he’s not even allowed to eat is pretty darn cute! I hope you all had a fun night and gathered lots of sugar! Happy Halloween from Maddie Dean Photography!

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Friendswood Prom 2017 {Friendswood, Tx Photographer}

Prom has definitely become my new favorite event! I love capturing the adorable couples all dolled up. This is my 2nd year and can’t wait to shoot another group for 2018. Shelley, thank you so much for having me tag along to capture Logan’s senior prom!

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En Pointe {Friendswood Dance Photographer}

Meet Abby. Sweet Abby dances with my daughter and she was willing to “trash” an old pair of pointe shoes on the beach to help see a vision of mine come to life. Since my daughter has started dancing, I have found that more and more, I am drawn to photographing dancers. There is something about the way they move. Their bodies are beautiful and I loving combining the art of photography with the art of dance. Thank for playing along with me, Abby! <3




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Prom {Friendswood, Texas Photographer}

I love prom! It holds such special memories for me from my own junior and senior years in high school. Though I have quickly found that larger schools “do” prom completely different than small Texas panhandle towns! One of the dancers that my daughter has adopted as a sister was a senior this year – she and her mom invited me along to be their personal paparazzi  and I LOVED it! I hope to have the opportunity to photograph more prom-goers next year! 











My sweet daughter and her bestie tagged along with me to take pictures. They couldn’t wait to dress up and join in on the fun! We played prom all night and all day the next day! I hope these girls never forget the fun they  had that night!!





And just for fun… lets throw it waaayyyy back, all the way to 2000; my own Senior Prom!!!

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Sweet Baby #3 {Friendwood, Tx Maternity Photographer}

I spent a week with my life-long bestie in the beautiful mountains of Angel Fire, NM. We had grand plans of maternity portraits in the beautiful snow! Well, there wasn’t snow, but we still took pics! Thanks for freezing with me, Hardaway family. I love you all!!





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Family Mini Marathon {Canadian, Texas Family Photographer}

I made a quick trip home a few weeks ago and was able to squeeze in a few family mini sessions! Here’s a few highlights! Canadian has some beautiful people!!









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Be Delight {Canadian, Tx Toy Store & Baby Boutique}

Be Delight is the adorable new shop in my hometown of Canadian, Tx. It is owned and operated by one of the sweetest girls I know. I happen to adore Amanda and her entire family! Even her husband, who pestered me like crazy growing up. It’s funny how life comes around. In fact, 6 years earlier I took their engagement pictures on this very street. I don’t think Amanda knew she would not only call this place home, but also have such a sweet little store! If you’re ever in the area, you must stop by. She has the cutest baby and kid items, even has baby and birthday registeries. I think the Kickee Pants are my favorite – they are so incredibly soft! And the aden + anais  bamboo blankets – you must feel those!!  Need a timeless wooden gift for that cute kiddo in your life? She’s got ya covered! Backpacks, lollipops, & books galore! The over-sized plush animals are too cute!  Amanda, I am so proud of you – thanks for letting me hang out with my camera! Love ya!














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