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Tristan Cull {Friendswood, Tx Fresh 48}

Meet the newest employee of Maddie Dean Photography. He joined our group on Thursday, May 7 at 4:09 PM. He tipped the scales at a whopping 9 lbs 2 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. His family absolutely adores him – can’t imagine why! Just look at that sweet face!!

(interested in your own Fresh 48 session? Contact me! I’d love to capture this special time for your family!!)




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Kensington Grace {Galveston Newborn Photographer}

Isn’t she beautiful? And yes, the baby is precious, too! This sweet baby belongs to a classmate and I was so excited to have the opportunity to take her first photographs. She’s almost two months old now, but I still wanted to get these shared!  She wasn’t my biggest fan, but once she fell asleep, she was out! Thank you again Matt & Harriet for allowing me into your home for sweet snuggles (and pictures) and for patiently waiting for this gallery!


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Miracle Girl {Perryton, Tx Newborn Photographer}

Meet Kelbie. She’s a miracle baby. She was loved and wanted by her parents long before she was even a thought, and has been prayed about for many years. I still cannot believe that I had the honor of photographing this sweet baby when she was just a few days old, on Christmas Eve. It was no coincidence that she was born during the season when we celebrate the most miraculous birth of all.  I know I’m late blogging, but I just wanted to share this beautiful angel. Welcome to the world, Kelbie Kay. We are so thankful that you are here.



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Baby Boy {League City Newborn Photographer}

Isn’t this little guy ADORABLE?? Don’t let that sweetness fool you, he did *NOT* want to go to sleep. A lot of patience, rocking, and paci-time later, he conked out and was an absolute dream to photograph!!


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Sweet, Sweet Baby {League City Newborn Photographer}

Remember I said I was so far behind in posting? Well, I wasn’t kidding! This precious little boy is now SIX MONTHS OLD!!  I still want to show him off on here! He was simply a doll (and still is!) I have been photographing his family since his sweet sister was the same age! Actually, I was in the room when he was welcomed into this world. It was such a honor to be part of his birth. I can’t wait to continue photographing him as he grows into a handsome young man! But first, some newborn yumminess!!

houston newborn photographer

clear lake newborn photographer

And this is my all-time favorite newborn image so far!! LOVE it!

friendswood newborn photographer

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Sweet Little Boy {Woodlands Newborn Photographer}



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Miracle of Life {Clear Lake Birth Photographer}

I’ve been so excited to blog some of these images!! Almost two months later, I’m finally getting around to it. To say that life has been busy around our house is an understatement!! This was my first official birth to photograph and it was absolutely AMAZING!! The nurse in me was excited and wanted to do everything. The photographer in me was a big bundle of nerves! The light was dim. It would happen fast. Would I capture everything. Would I miss my focus?! Must. Concentrate. Now. Sarah. In the end, it was fabulous! AAANNNDD I got to learn the sweet baby’s name before everyone else! His parents had been keeping it a secret! :) He ended up having a pretty nifty birthday too – 8/9/10 – Cool huh?!?! Thanks again Mom and Dad for letting me join the party – it was great!








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Perfect Princess {Dickinson Newborn Photographer}

This sweet little girl was an absolute DOLL for her session. Once she settled into a deep sleep, she was out. Big brother was busy watching Lion King, and she didn’t even care!! She *almost* makes me want another sweet little girl… her lips just melted me. I’ll be honest here, there are sometimes that photographing a newborn makes my ovaries ache. I love the smell of a newborn, their sweaky little squaks and ohhh, their soft skin just makes me want to kiss them all over. There is something so sweet about them – truly one of life’s miracles! And the BEST part, I get to capture that goey sweetness on film for their family to remember for years to come. They don’t stay small and sleepy long – so each of these images will hold this sweet memory for a lifetime. What an honor!! So, thank you so much Y family for allowing me into your home during this new season – it was an honor!!


Look at this precious little girl…. See how she’s curled up and in a deep sleep? That’s the beauty of photographing a newborn early in their life. This is how she grew in her mom for 9 months, so this pose is perfectly comfortable for her. I recommend scheduling a session under 10 days of age to capture sweet looks like this…

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Love me some chubbs! {Canadian, Tx Baby Photographer}

This sweet little man belongs to my life-long best friend and just melts my heart! And if his chubby rolls don’t make you smile too… well, there is something wrong! I was able to photograph his mom and dad while they were expecting, his birth, his newborn pictures and now he’s SIX MONTHS!! Wow – time is flying!! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that I can get his one year portraits while I’m home for Thanksgiving! I just can’t get over his eyes! And doesn’t he look just like his Daddy. Amanda & John – than you again for letting me shoot you sweet little boy – I just love him!!! And Jackson, you’re a doll, but really – slow down! No sense growing up so fast!!




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Sweet Allie Ann {Perryton, Tx Newborn Photographer}

If you recognize this couple, it’s because you’ve seen them before! I did their engagement photos and wedding – and now I have photographed their first sweet child! I love when I am included in such amazing milestones in a family’s life! It is truly an honor! Sweet Allie wasn’t a big fan of being a model, but once she relaxed and went to SLEEP – she was great!! Amanda & Nathan – she’s perfect! I hope you guys enjoy these!!