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En Pointe {Friendswood Dance Photographer}

Meet Abby. Sweet Abby dances with my daughter and she was willing to “trash” an old pair of pointe shoes on the beach to help see a vision of mine come to life. Since my daughter has started dancing, I have found that more and more, I am drawn to photographing dancers. There is something about the way they move. Their bodies are beautiful and I loving combining the art of photography with the art of dance. Thank for playing along with me, Abby! <3




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Prom {Friendswood, Texas Photographer}

I love prom! It holds such special memories for me from my own junior and senior years in high school. Though I have quickly found that larger schools “do” prom completely different than small Texas panhandle towns! One of the dancers that my daughter has adopted as a sister was a senior this year – she and her mom invited me along to be their personal paparazzi  and I LOVED it! I hope to have the opportunity to photograph more prom-goers next year! 











My sweet daughter and her bestie tagged along with me to take pictures. They couldn’t wait to dress up and join in on the fun! We played prom all night and all day the next day! I hope these girls never forget the fun they  had that night!!





And just for fun… lets throw it waaayyyy back, all the way to 2000; my own Senior Prom!!!

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Beauty {Perryton, Tx Senior Photographer}

Meet Tori. Isn’t the one of the most beautiful young woman that you’ve ever seen. If you knew her like I do, you would also know that her inner beauty outshines her outer beauty ten-fold. Tori is a Senior this year and lives in my old hometown. I know her because her family lived next door and I used to baby frequently. They were so cute, and I absolutely loved having little sisters. One of my favorite things to do with them was dress up in their princess costumes, and stage photoshoots. See! Even in junior high I had a love for photography! I’m just glad my skills improved! (Someday, I will be able to locate all my old photo albums and can show you!)

Okay, enough chatter. Here is the lovely Miss Tori!!





Tori’s older sister, Bailey, tagged along for the shoot and wasn’t thrilled when I made her get in front of the camera as well. I’m so glad I did, and I hope that she is too!!


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True Beauty {Houston Photographer}

My mom always told me that it was more important to be pretty on the inside than pretty on the outside. Well, this girl has the best of both! I’ve known Ms. Chelsea for the last 16 years – she is still as beautiful now on the inside and outside as she was in elementary school when she and my little brother were “going out”. Her dad has always been one of my favorite teachers. In fact, he liked my class so much that he just moved up grades as we did. I had him every year, begining with 6th grade social studies thru Senior Government & Economics! The year after I graduated from HS her family moved to the Houston area. I was thrilled that she asked me to take some pictures for her this summer! Her boyfriend is at the Naval Accademy and she wanted to send him something special! I was happy to oblige! Here’s a small peek from our session yesterday! It was a hot, miserable day in downtown, but we still had fun! I hope you enjoy these Chelsea and I can’t wait to do our night session!!

Chelsea blog 1

Chelsea Blog 2

Chelsea blog 3

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I Heart Faces – Week 20!

I was soo excited when I saw the theme for Week 20! I immediately had the perfect image ready to go! I took this of my little brother last year just before he graduated from High School. Our house faced the East and we were able to witness the most beautiful sunrises! I truly miss living in the panhandle! We were up bright and early to capture this shot, but it was worth the missed zzzz’s! Except for a slight crop and resize, this image is SOOC and one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken!

Cowboy Sunrise

Want to see more great silhouettes? Click this button!

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Coolest Teen Ever { Perryton, Texas Senior Photographer}

Meet Ali. She’s one of the coolest teens ever – sure she’s into boys and whatnot, but she’s also into photography! A girl after my own heart! I took her out today to play around with my camera and get a personal lesson in iso, ss, fstop and all the other fun rules of photography. Bless her heart, I think I took her home so confused :) While we were out I took a few pictures of her. She looks a bit different from the last time we took pictures. Wow, what a difference a year makes!

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek Ali and I hope even more that you have fun playing with my camera tomorrow… just don’t forget to bring it back :)


Hello Nurse! {League City, Texas Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing Ms. S this afternoon in her cap and gown. In just a few weeks, she’ll be a proud graduate of ACC’s Licensed Vocational Nurse program. She has worked very hard to accompolish her goals and I’m very proud of her! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


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Cowboy up Lil Brother! {Perryton, Texas Senior Photographer}

It’s hard to believe, but my little brother is a SENIOR this year!! It really doesn’t seem like *that* long ago that I was dressing him up in my cabbage patch clothes or walking around singing the buddy song with him! Gordo definitely walks to the beat of his own unique drum, but I still love him all the same. A few weeks ago we walked the streets of Gruene, Tx together taking some senior shots…. Talk about a challenge – I think brothers who suffer from senior-itis may be the most difficult clients, ever. Just kidding – it wasn’t so bad! We had a good time and I’m glad he was such a trooper!


Sorry Gordo, but there needed to be some embarrassing pictures in this post – but don’t feel too bad since you can see what I looked like too!!

Just a few hours old

Home from the hospital

Such a cute Dolphin Fan
(photo by Shaun Tevis)

Senior 2008

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Miss Katie {Perryton, Texas Senior Photographer}

My computer is finally up and running again – thankfully it was just an issue with the processor! I had no idea how lost I would feel without it – It wasn’t enough to just have internet access – I felt so imcomplete with out my pictures or photoshop!! I have several sessions to get edited and uploaded, but I thought you’d at least like a sneak peek since you’ve waited so patiently!



Hodge Podge

I had several sessions while I was home this month and here’s just a few random shots…

My brother, Gordon. It’s really hard for me to believe that he’s a senior this year!

Mr. Wyatt – such a doll

Some fun seniors!
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