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Click Family {Friendswood Family Photographer}

I absolutely adore this family! Laurie and I met during our first semester of nursing school and it has been such an honor to capture so many special memories! I look forward to many family sessions to come! Miss Olivia is beautiful – parenthood looks perfect on you two!





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Beautiful Family {Friendswood Family Photographer}

I adore this family, how could you not with those sweet daughters?? It was honored that they asked me to photograph them again and I do hope that it becomes a yearly tradition!


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Helloo?? Anyone There?

Soo, I am incredibly behind on my blog. Wow, that may just be the understatement of the year!

I have to be honest, I couldn’t even log-in without requesting my new password. Pretty sad huh?

I’ve been busy. Busy with pictures. Busy with School. Busy with family. Busy with work (Nurse-y work).

But, I’m slowly digging myself out – and I have about a bazillion posts lined up. Okay, that’s probably exaggerating, a bit. But I am trying to catch up since I have some beautiful faces that haven’t seen blog love!

So, I promise to be better.

Starting. Right. Now.


Ok, I feel like I should explain that first picture. It’s often said that you can tell a lot about parents by looking at their kids. Well, I told my monkeys to kiss, because sweet sibling-pictures-in-bluebonnets are a requirement in this part of Texas…. What you see is what I got. Without saying a word, this image must say that these kiddos have two parents that adore each other :)

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Birthday Girl {League City, Tx Photographer}

Miss Priss wasn’t too crazy about having to take any pictures outside – she simply wanted to be left alone to explore. But as soon as we move indoors and put a cake down, her entire attidude did a giant flip! She LOVED the cake and scooped it into her little mouth like it was the last sweet she’d ever get! She was absolutely precious. I have been photographing her since she was a newborn – it is such an honor to grow with my clients! This little sweetie will have a new brother this summer and I’m looking forward to photographing them together!




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I ♥ Faces – Yellow

I was so excited to see this weeks theme for I Heart Faces pop up on Facebook tonight! I knew the perfect picture. Last month I was running typical Mommy errands and found a beautiful field of yellow wild flowers. That weekend, after nap time, I snatched up my daughter and headed to the field. She was less-than-thrilled,  but I snapped anyways. Turns out, it was a good thing that I did as just 3 days later the city mowed the fields down. I literally had tears in my eyes. I was angry that they could do that. You see, this dress that my daughter has on will never fit again. It’s not just any yellow dress. It belonged to her GiGi (my Mom) and it was made my my Mom’s Aunt Sarah, my namesake. So, the dress is roughly 57 years old. (My mother keeps EVERYTHING!) The doll that is hidden is also special. It is made from a pillow case that my Dad’s grandmother hand tatted – so it’s easily 80 – 90 years old. I was just sick that this is the only shot I got. At the same time, I love it. It is truly priceless to me. I really need to get on the ball and have it printed and hung, just need to figure out where! So, here’s my entry for week #21!


Be sure to check out other great photos by clicking on the camera below!!

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I’m Graduating – Let’s Celebrate!!

I can hardly believe that I’m able to have this sale!! It seems like this year can’t be over yet!! But it is, and in just 12 days I will GrAdUaTe!!!! YEAH!!!!!! So while I’m bogged down with final exams this next week, I wanted to have a awesome sale to show appreciation to my equally awesome clients, both present and future! Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunites – they won’t last long (ends May 11) and they likely won’t come around again for a lloongg time, if ever!!!! My insane stress load has made me temporarily loose my mind!! So enough babble – here’s the deal!!!

Maternity / Newborn Special – $200.00
Book your newborn session before May 11, to take place ANYTIME in 2010, and receive a complimentary maternity session & 24 custom designed 5×7 birth announcements!! I adore babies – their sweet smell, their adorable wrinkels and their sweet peaceful sleep – let me capture this fleeting moment for you to have forever to cherish.

Beach Session – $200.00
Book your family beach session before May 11, to take place before October 1, and receive your session fee back as a print credit. That essentially makes your session free!!

Birthday Bash – $200.00
Book your child’s first birthday session before May 11, to take place ANYTIME in 2010, and receive the session, a cake and a 12×12 gallery mount storyboard!

Child Mini Session – $150.00
Book a mini session with up to 3 siblings before May 11, to take place ANYTIME in 2010, and receive 1 mini album and 1 digital image.

~ The fine print ~
Session must be booked before 9 AM on Tuesday, May 11 (my GRADUATION day!!) A session is considered booked only after payment has been completed.
The special is not retro-active, good for new appointments only.
All prints are regular price.
No substitutions alowed.
Newborn & 1st yr session good until December 31, 2010
Beach session must take place before October 1, 2010
Travel Fee applies for sessions greater than 30 miles from 77546
Session fees are non-refundable. Rescheduling is permitted with proper advance  notice.
Beach sessions will take place in the Galveston area, unless you want to fly me to white sand & crystal blue water. Cancun would be a nice choice :)

Go get more information or to reserve your special, you can email sarah@maddiedean.com or call 832-368-0278.


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You are what you wear {Friendswood Portrait Photographer}

You are what you wear.

A little cliché? Perhaps. But when it comes to portrait photography, clothing plays a huge role in the success of the finished product.

Before we get going – let’s be clear what you’re clothing does NOT need to be:

Brand New
I’m down with your favorite ripped jeans, retro band T’s, and worn converse shoes – as long as you know how to rock them in your own fabulous style.
Fancy-Schmancy and Uber-Expensive
Unless it’s your thing (If it’s really your thing, then by all means baby, bring on the bling). If you’re not normally a dress-up kind of person, don’t feel like you have to be one for your session.

No need to focus on matching everything from the color of your fuchsia headbands to the stripes in your socks. In fact, I beg of you, please, please don’t. If you’re heart is set on everyone in white button downs and khaki pants, I’m probably not your girl.

No need to worry about each and every item, or fret about the suitability of each accessory. This is supposed to be fun. If you’re unsure – call me, and together, we’ll make sure you look fabulous. I promise.
I want you to be happy, thrilled, over the moon about your images, and I know that this is much more likely if we take the time and work together to help you choose clothing that fits these few simple rules:

Feels Good.
During your shoot you could be sitting in a pile on the grass having a tickle battle, rolling down a hill with your fiancé, throwing your kiddos in the air or climbing a tree. Wear clothing that lets you do all that (and more) comfortably.

As for the kids? Well…uncomfortable kids have a tendency to look…uncomfortable, and are often cranky to boot. Happy kids make for happy pictures.

Bottom Line: Don’t choose outfits that make any of you feel constrained, stiff, itchy, scratchy, like you’re dressed up for Halloween, or that leave you with a nagging worry that a button might pop if you bend the wrong way. Trust me.

Looks Good.
This can be tricky, looking good is totally subjective – right? If you’re not a Carrie Bradshaw fashionista in real life, you might want to pull in some extra help from a straight-talking friend or your trusty photographer (that would be me) who knows about such things and has plans in place to help.

Sometimes last year’s of-the-moment dress has already become hopelessly untrendy. Sometimes the current fashions just don’t look or feel like you. Sometimes outfits that look good in the mirror might not be ideally suited for photography. If you’re really looking for extra help, I can put you in touch with some incredible folks who make people look good for a living.

Bottom Line: If you don’t feel fabulous-fierce-take-on-the-world gorgeous in your outfit, you’re not going to love, love, love the end result – and I’m all about you love, love, loving the end result.

Makes Sense.
Here’s where we pull it all together. It’s not just enough that everyone look good and feel good – you’ve gotta look and feel good together AND the outfits should fit with your location and the desired mood for your portraits.

Glup. That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? (quick – revisit #4 in the top list, and remember, don’t stress).

Before you even begin figuring out your wardrobe, we’ll have an in depth consultation to narrow down what you really want for your pictures, choose the perfect location and make sure you have an understanding about how that all comes together in the finished photograph. I’m with you every step of the way.

Bottom Line: It’s easier than it seems.Think twice about having Emma in a lace prom dress if you can’t get Tommy out of his spider man cape and favorite Star Wars pajama top. If we’re going to be running around in a park, you’ll likely not decide to wear your starched Sunday best. Hate the way stripes and plaids look together but Dad has his favorite stripped polo ready to go? Best steer mom away from her beloved family tartan. Easy-Peasy. [unless Mom is really attached to that tartan, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it).


If you’re still not certain, and you can’t decide between the yellow wrap dress with your red heels or your dark skinny jeans and purple belted shirt – I’ve got good news. You don’t have to decide. Bring lots of options. Heck – throw your whole wardrobe into the back of the car. When we get to the session we’ll wing it all with fabulous results. Trust me.

Now take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Imagine how blow-everyone-away-fabulous-ready-for-America’s-Next-Top-Model you’re all going to look in those pictures….

Can you see it yet? I totally can. OMG, you look INCREDIBLE!

I can’t wait for your session.

used with permission from Janette LaBlanc

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I Heart Faces – Textures!

I’m excited to be able to participate in the I Heart Faces challenge this week. I’ve only starting playing with textures and I can already tell that I have a new-found love!! This sweet baby boy belongs to my bestfriend and as I was proofing her gallery, it just spoke to me. It screamed out for special texture. Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve done something like this on a client’s image – and I think I’m hooked! I hope you all enjoy!


baby texture


There are some amazing entries. Click on this to check some of them out for yourself!!

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Operation Love ReUnited {Friendswood Family Photographer}

I always enjoy OpLove sessions. I think it’s my military background – I understand what these famlies are going through. This family had just gotten daddy home the day before our session and the kiddos were still very wound up! I know they wish he was home for good, but unfortunately, he has to go back in 2 weeks. His wife has my profound respect and admiration – there is no way I could handle doing what she does! I think it’s important to remember that those left behind at home need the same amount of love, prayers, and support as those who have been deployed. To the Anderson family – I hope you enjoy your time together as a family. It was a please meeting you yesterday. Enjoy your sneak peak!!

operation love reunited


Operation love reunited

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Little Miss Snaggle-Tooth {Friendswood Baby Photographer}

Madeline is finally getting some teeth in! For the longest time she only had her bottom two. Then her two eye teeth came in on top. We got the biggest kick of her looking like a vampire baby!! I had wanted to take her out for a vamper session but a nasty stomach bug threw our schedule off and before I knew it, the center top teeth popped out! Bummer. Oh well, she’s still cute! We went to the park today and while big brother was playing I took advantage of the beautiful light and let my camera play with Madeline Aiden was too busy playing to pay attention to us, so there weren’t any distractions. She didn’t disappoint me! I love my baby girl!!

Friendswood family photographer

friendswood child photographer

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