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Click Family {Friendswood Family Photographer}

I absolutely adore this family! Laurie and I met during our first semester of nursing school and it has been such an honor to capture so many special memories! I look forward to many family sessions to come! Miss Olivia is beautiful – parenthood looks perfect on you two!





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Fix-It Friday #10

Wow, I feel rusty already.  I finally have my computer set up in our hotel room and I was anxious to download this week’s Fix-it Friday picture and get to work! I surprised that I even remember how to open photoshop. Okay, so maybe I’ve being a tad melodramatic, but it has been a long, stressful week and a half!!  Lets see, from the 7th, we’ve had our home flooded, been packed up, moved out, floors torn out, argued with insurance – repeatedly, had sick kids, missed Easter Sunday, cracked a tooth, moved to 3 hotels, visited the dentist, told that I needed a root canal – asap, now have 2 sick kiddos, argued with insurance again, now I’m sick, had to reschedule root canal because I’m sick, and I think that’s about it. I am wiped! And I still have hours and hours and hours of editing ahead of me! But first, I have to do the fix-it Friday post! It’s always fun to work on someone else’s picture!! So here it is!

Fix-it Friday #10

I did very little to this image. To be honest, I still don’t feel well and computer time isn’t much fun when you’re constantly sneezing and blowing your nose!!

1. Crop
2. USM on eyes – 100, 3, 0
3. Color me in by Childs Play
4. Vignette by Childs Play
5. Sharpen for web.

Yup, that’s it. Took me maybe 4 minutes?? Easy peasy with Childs Play – by far some of my favorite actions!

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