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Medlocks {Friendswood Family Photographer}

It’s always fun to capture cute kiddos, which is pretty much every session I do! But sometimes, they’re extra special. And it’s always a treat when I get to work with a true-life miracle. This sweet boy was born in to this world very early, he was a micro-preemie at just 23 weeks. And look at him! Walks, talks, and full of smiles. There was no shortage of giggles and love in this family <3!!

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Tristan Cull {Friendswood, Tx Fresh 48}

Meet the newest employee of Maddie Dean Photography. He joined our group on Thursday, May 7 at 4:09 PM. He tipped the scales at a whopping 9 lbs 2 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. His family absolutely adores him – can’t imagine why! Just look at that sweet face!!

(interested in your own Fresh 48 session? Contact me! I’d love to capture this special time for your family!!)




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Baby Boy {League City Newborn Photographer}

Isn’t this little guy ADORABLE?? Don’t let that sweetness fool you, he did *NOT* want to go to sleep. A lot of patience, rocking, and paci-time later, he conked out and was an absolute dream to photograph!!


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Beautiful Family {Friendswood Family Photographer}

I adore this family, how could you not with those sweet daughters?? It was honored that they asked me to photograph them again and I do hope that it becomes a yearly tradition!


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Kevin + Lacy {Fredericksburg Wedding Photographer}

I am ashamed at how long this has taken me to blog – the bride and groom have long received their images and albums and are even expecting their first baby!! But I must share this on here!! So, no babbling- just pictures! Enjoy :)











“Click here to see their wedding album!!”

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Sweet, Sweet Baby {League City Newborn Photographer}

Remember I said I was so far behind in posting? Well, I wasn’t kidding! This precious little boy is now SIX MONTHS OLD!!  I still want to show him off on here! He was simply a doll (and still is!) I have been photographing his family since his sweet sister was the same age! Actually, I was in the room when he was welcomed into this world. It was such a honor to be part of his birth. I can’t wait to continue photographing him as he grows into a handsome young man! But first, some newborn yumminess!!

houston newborn photographer

clear lake newborn photographer

And this is my all-time favorite newborn image so far!! LOVE it!

friendswood newborn photographer

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Helloo?? Anyone There?

Soo, I am incredibly behind on my blog. Wow, that may just be the understatement of the year!

I have to be honest, I couldn’t even log-in without requesting my new password. Pretty sad huh?

I’ve been busy. Busy with pictures. Busy with School. Busy with family. Busy with work (Nurse-y work).

But, I’m slowly digging myself out – and I have about a bazillion posts lined up. Okay, that’s probably exaggerating, a bit. But I am trying to catch up since I have some beautiful faces that haven’t seen blog love!

So, I promise to be better.

Starting. Right. Now.


Ok, I feel like I should explain that first picture. It’s often said that you can tell a lot about parents by looking at their kids. Well, I told my monkeys to kiss, because sweet sibling-pictures-in-bluebonnets are a requirement in this part of Texas…. What you see is what I got. Without saying a word, this image must say that these kiddos have two parents that adore each other :)

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Sweet Little Boy {Woodlands Newborn Photographer}



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Love me some chubbs! {Canadian, Tx Baby Photographer}

This sweet little man belongs to my life-long best friend and just melts my heart! And if his chubby rolls don’t make you smile too… well, there is something wrong! I was able to photograph his mom and dad while they were expecting, his birth, his newborn pictures and now he’s SIX MONTHS!! Wow – time is flying!! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that I can get his one year portraits while I’m home for Thanksgiving! I just can’t get over his eyes! And doesn’t he look just like his Daddy. Amanda & John – than you again for letting me shoot you sweet little boy – I just love him!!! And Jackson, you’re a doll, but really – slow down! No sense growing up so fast!!




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Proud to be a GLEEK!

If you’re like me, you and 8 million other people have fallen in love with this hit TV series from FOX. I admit, I didn’t watch from the begining. My friend David posted a link to their “Somebody to Love” video on Facebook. I bet I watched it 2 dozen times – each time in awe. It wasn’t long before I sat at my computer and watched every episode I had missed – I was hooked. Maybe it’s because I was a choir geek (and band nerd) in High School? I love a good musical. I think it’s witty (I must admit, I think Coach Sylvester is one of my favorites!) I just love this show! A loyal fan here!!

Back in February I entered my name into a contest, to win a GLEE viewing party pack from FOX. Well, I never win anything so imagine my surpise when I received and email that I had WON!! I was getting a party pack that would arrive just in time for the infamous MADONNA episode! I was super excited (albiet stressed – I was still in school!) My amazing, wonderful, fantastic husband (yes, I’m hoping he reads this) really jumped in and helped make it happen. Our house was a wreck – well, it looked like a nursing student lived here! We were told last minute that our local FOX affiliate would be showing up to party with us – and to film!! We really had to kick it into high gear. My dear friend Lynzey made the cupcakes – aren’t they the coolest? We had a great time, though FOX ended up standing us up for another winner – I suspect it was on the basis of distance from the studios. Oh well, it was still fun! Just wanted to share a few pictures!! Want to know a secret, I’m wearing my GLEE shirt as I type this.

Hope you enjoy the party pics (only 2 months later….)









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